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Nov 2017

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●The new full album, QOOSUIedition/+1 bonus track】 is available NOW on Haco's Bandcamp!! 
This is a high-quality DIGITAL release, including the track “Anesthesia Love (Homeopathic Mix by Tarnovski,” the complete lyrics (EN/JP), and credits.

●Digital reissue of Haco's previous albums and the new live edition will be available on this Bandcamp, in the near future (the plan). 

●HACO 7th album QOOSUI webpage   www.hacohaco.net/haco/qoosui.html

"weightless, blissful, but also flightless - always connected to the body whose aurality must be blocked to survive its seduction. This tender voice calls from far away yet from a place we all know, stretched on filaments strung through clouds of condensation, the clinking jigsaw of melting ice, soft flows of breath and dawn mists that speak through water insects and dreaming..." by David Toop

Reviews & interviews
Tiny Mix Tapes (US), The Wire (UK), ATTN:Magazine (UK), Zeit Online (DE), and more..

Haco -Tidal (from Qoosui)
Video by Masakazu Fukuta (from the 2016 installation work "jewel")

Haco - Shooting Stars in Your Eyes (from Qoosui)

Video by Tomáš Knoflíček

●The CD of QOOSUI is also available for order through Room 40-subsidiary Someone Good (globally released on September 1st, 2017)!!

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Wild Sonic Blooms – Haco, Kent Macpherson, Megan Berry, Jeremy Mayall

A live improvised collaboration, Wild Sonic Blooms by Jeremy Mayall, Megan Berry, Kent Macpherson (NZ), and Haco (JP), is OUT NOW!! Digitally released on the Off - Record label, November 19.
The concert film was premiered on November 20 in Hamilton, New Zealand, and the full show video is published here.

TOURS::._.: :._.. .. ..:._.:._.. .. .

Photos from Haco US West Coast Tour - May/June 2017
Photos from Haco “Qoosui” album Launch + Tarnovski (Gurun Gurun) Japan Tour - Sep/Oct 2017

Haco starts planning for the Qoosui tour in Europe around May/June 2018. For the booking (about her solo show, live collaboration, workshop, and whatever), please feel free to email to hacohaco.net @ gmail.com

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