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Stereo Bugscope


The name "Stereo Bugscope" refers to a performance system that detects oscillating sounds emitted by the circuitry of electronic devices. It also signifies the act of listening to the electromagnetic world that emerges from the inside of devices such as computers, cell phones, MD players, and wireless routers through the use of two inductive microphones (pickups). The oscillating-circuit sounds come from the IC board and clock, and the electromagnetic noise comes from the electrical current that turns the fan and drives the motor. Waveforms similar to the audio frequencies of electromagnetic leakage, which is faintly emitted from machines, are also released by the inductive coil in a pickup. The sound is then electronically amplified to magnify these signals which are ordinarily so faint as to be inaudible. According to one's position in relation to and distance from the source, changes in the sound can be observed. "Bugfield" refers to a series of works using this system, including performances accompanied by video images and installations using multiple pickups.

Bugfield 1 (CD 2004)

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