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Melbourne; TramVibrations:

Live in Combino

Toshiya Tsunoda and Haco


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Date: August 31, 2013

Place: Sonic City Festival in Melbourne, Australia 

Performance One: 7:30pm; 8:15pm

Performance Two: 8:45pm; 9:30pm

Toshiya Tsunoda and Haco performed inside a tram on a round trip from the Melbourne city centre to the East Brunswick and back.

Tsunoda captures solid vibrations using a piezo-ceramic sensor and a stethoscope, and Haco uses her Stereo Bugscope (inductive microphones) system to catch electromagnetic sounds.

The first edition of work, The TramVibration recording project was presented at the View Masters Osaka-Melbourne Remix Exhibition in Osaka in 2007. “The concept is to create environmental art with normally inaudible vibrations, and the tram seems like the perfect location for the project. It’s a real audio trip for both of audience and performers to observe sounds and feel subliminal vibrations inside a moving tram.”

Testing at Yarra Trams - Southbank Depot on August 30.

The tram had a symmetrical design. ”It's interesting that the electromagnetic field was almost symmetric as well.”

Diagram of the tram Combino (photo: right)

During the Performance Two on August  31. (Photo by Ami Yamazaki)

Japanese sound art on a Melbourne tram: ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

- Published September 9, 2013

Haco performing Tram Vibrations (Photo by John Jacobs)