stereo bugscope 2


Motor and LCD sound from digital audio recorder with running tape

Sound source: DAT player (DAT Walkman. PCM-M1. Sony)         Date: Jan. 11, 2004

The two pickups were placed approximately six centimeters apart against the back of a portable DAT player as a tape was run, fast-forwarded and stopped. When the blue, liquid-crystal display was turned on, a high-pitched, sustaining sound was emitted at roughly 1127Hz.

Click from mobile phone with power off

Sound source: cellular telephone (J-T010. Toshiba)         

Date: Jan. 4, 2004

With the power of a cellular telephone turned off, the left pickup, placed near the multifunction button, and the right pickup, placed against the back of the handset, were moved slightly. The clocklike sound that was detected measures voltage at one-second cycles in order to determine the device's state of charge.

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