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Discogs (CDs / Vinyls / Casettes, Worldwide)

Room 40 / Someone Good (CD / Files, Australia)

Yacca / Inpartmaint Inc. (CD / Files, Japan)

Disk Union / Arcangelo (CDs / T-shirts, Japan)

ReR Megacorp (CDs, UK)
Fish Prints (CD, USA)

Tzadik (CDs, USA)

Improvised Music from Japan CD Shop (CDs, Japan)

MIDI Creative / Bridge Inc (CD, Japan)

Ftarri shop (CDs, Japan)
Wayside Music / Cuneiform Records (CDs, USA)
Squidco (CDs, USA)
Orkhestra International (CDs, France)
No Man's Land (CDs, Germany)

Amazon.co.jp (CDs, Files Japan)

Amazon.com (CDs, Files, (USA)

Amazon.co.uk (CDs, Files, UK)

Amazon.fr (CDs, Files, France)

Tower jp (CDs, Japan)

Tower Records (CDs, USA)

HMV (CDs, Japan)


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    HACOの音楽をダウンロード & 試聴

   Haco Bandcamp (FILES)

iTunes (Files, USA)

iTunes (Files, Japan)

Spotify (Worldwide)

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   Mescalina Haco Official Music Store (CD / CS / VINYL)
メスカリーナ  HACO 公式ミュージックストア

Haco's CDs and records are in the following online shop & labels   
    HACOのCDやレコードを取扱中のオンラインショップ & レーベル

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