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Art Monthly Australia.Book/DVD. Art of Sound Issue 225 November 2009 (Australia). 2009

Image Forum Video (Music by Yamamoto Seiichi). Tokyo Loop DVD.

                Galileo Publish (Japan). DAD07029. 2006

Nicolas Humbert and Werner Penzel (Music by Fred Frith). Step Across the Border DVD.

                Suissimage (Switzerland). 915-001-7. 2003

major record works:

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Jesse Perlstein, Haco, Sleepland, Shinya Sugimoto, & Hirotaka Shirotsubaki.

            Braided Sound #007: Kobe. FILES. Braided Sound Bandcamp (USA). 2018

Collective12 (workshop) Sound Bugscopes CZ FILES. Jipangu (CZ). 2018

Bunsho Nishikawa / Tim Olive / Haco. Ftarri Collection 4 CD. Meenna (Japan).  meenna-114. 2013

Marcos Fernandes, and Bill Horist. Jerks and Creeps CD. Accretions (USA). ALP046. 2007

Marcos Fernandes, Hans Fjellestad, Haco, and Jakob Riis.

            Haco Hans Jakob Marcos CD. Accretions (USA). ALP-040. 2006

Mescaline Go-Go. Mescaline Go-Go 1. Split with Gendai. CS. New Music Action Live Series 15,

                Innocent (Japan). Action Cassette Vol. 15. 1999

Haco. Voices from Space Ver.2. Split with Mataxa cassette.

            New Music Action Live Series 13. CS. Innocent (Japan). Action Cassette Vol. 13. 1998


ZZAJ: Jazz from the 23 century: Haco -Watercrown. 2 x CD/FILES. JK (USA). KU ZZAJ. 2022

Sounds of Absence: Haco - Sho-Fuku Hill. CD/DILES. Gruenrekorder (Germany). 2022

Infinite Limits: A Generative Music Compilation: Haco - Mutant Street. FILES. Mubert (USA). 2022
Jolis choses: Hommage à Mami Chan: HACO avec EMIKO & KIRISUTE GOMEN - La Valse de Pompoko. LP/FILES. Inpolysons (France). IPS 0721. 2021
There and Back Again Prints: Haco + Happiness Proof - Less Than Lovers, More Than Friends (Live/Remix 2021). CS/FILES. EMF Media (USA). rd100. 2021

                 World Music Network (UK). RONET1405CD. 2021

The Rough Guide To Avant-Garde Japan: Haco - Secret Garden. CD/LP. 

                 World Music Network (UK). RONET1405CD. 2021

Intermediale: Haco & Tarnovski - Anesthesia Love (Homeopathic Mix). 2xCD+Book. 

                 Intermediale Festival (Poland). 2020

Embraced and Reassured: Haco - Faito!. FILES. Warm Winters Ltd. Bandcamp (UK). 2020

ATTN:SPAN: Haco - Shinwa To Jijitsu. FILES. ATTN:Magazin (UK),  2020  

Below The Radar 33: Haco - Lost and Found (Excursion). FILES. The Wire Magazine (UK). 2020

Late Night Tales: David Holmes: After Dinner - Paradise of Replica. LP/CD/FILES.

                Night Time Stories Ltd (UK). ALN45 2016

A Mutantine Collection: Haco & Phonophani. LP/FILES. Mutantine Records (France). 2015

25: Celebrating 25 Years of Sonic Explorations CD. Accretions (Japan). ALP050. 2010

Magnetic Traces: A Survey of French and Australian Sound Art CD.

                      Swarming (France). Swarming 002. 2010

The Art of the Gremlin: Inventive Musicians, Curious Devices CD.

                EMF Media (USA). EMF CD 073. 2007

Yasuziro Ozu: Hitokomakura 2xCD. and/OAR (USA). and/26. 2007

Prix Ars Electronica - CyberArts 2005 CD/DVD. AEC (Austria). AEC -CD05. 2005

Intransitive Twenty-Three CD. Intransitive (USA). INT023. 2004

Haunted Weather 2xCD. Staubgold (Germany).  staubgold 52. 2004

Trummerflora. Rubble 1 CD. Accretions (USA). A/C-201. 2004

Praeface CD. Praemedia (USA). Praecd001. 2003

Isole Che Parlano 00 CD. Isole Che Parlano (Italy). ICPa 001. 2003

Minute Women 7" vinyl picture disc. Edition Dokidoki  (France). DOKI 01. 2002

Festival Beyond Innocence: A Brief History in 67 Chapters 4xCD.

                FBI Disc / Innocent (Japan). FBI 102/5. 2002

Japanese Avant-garde: Agitation/Stillness--Noise/Silence CD.

                Sub Rosa (Belgium). SR202. 2002

Stylus #4 CD. Stylus/College Chart Japan (Japan). CCJ-0005. 2002

Improvised Music from Japan Presents Improvised Music from Japan 10xCD.

                Improvised Music from Japan (Japan). IMJ-10CD. 2001

Japanese Independent Music CD+Book. Sonore (France). SON-11. 2001

Mottomo Otomo: Unlimited XIII CD. Trost (Austria). TR076. 2000

Ring Ring 99: Around the World CD. Free B92 (Serbia).  CD006 SOKOJ. 2000

90's Japanese Independent Musics CD. Sonore et Artzero (France). SON-03. 1998

Haikus Urbains CD. Cave 12 Disques (Belgium). C12D02. 1997

Step to Another World Music CD. Rec Rec Music (Switzerland). RecDec 50. 1994

All Frontiers CD. Materiali Sonori (Italy). MASO CD 90026. 1987

Festival MIMI LP. A.M.I. (France),. AMI 2001. 1987

RéR Quarterly Vol. I, No. 4 LP/CD. Recommended Records (UK).  Re 0104. 1986

Welcome to Dreamland LP. Celluloid (USA). CELL 5013. 1985

Paris-Tokyo cassette. Tago-Mago (France). Tago-Mago 4754. 1983

Local International Nos. 1-7 Recommended Records (UK).  RRD8384. 1982